CCC Artist

IN 2016, THE DUTCH HARP FESTIVAL AND COMPETITION launched the CCC Development Program (CCC for Care, Coaching, and Career) to support the artistic career of the competition’s first prize winner.

Emmanuel Padilla Holguín, from Mexico, is this year’s CCC Artist.

About Emmanuel

Mexican harpist Emmanuel Padilla Holguín recently became the first Latin American harpist to win an international harp competition, through his success as 1st prize and audience award winner at the Dutch Harp Competition 2016, and earlier by receiving 1st prize at the IV Mexico International Harp Competition.

As the winner of the 2015 Latin American Music Recording Competition organized by Indiana University, he recorded his first CD “Three centuries of Mexican harp music,” a timeline of original harp music written by Mexican composers, released both in the USA and Mexico. His second CD will include the entire harp catalogue by Mexican composer Mario Ruiz Armengol, the most prolific composer for the pedal harp in Latin America, thanks to a grant from Mexico’s National Fund for the Arts.

Padilla Holguín has performed extensively as a soloist, recitalist and orchestral harpist in more than 50 cities in Mexico, USA, Spain, Holland, Norway, Croatia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and China.

Emmanuel holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University and will start an Artist Diploma-Master’s degree in August 2017 at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway.

The Adventure

The CCC Program is tailored to fit each winner. Emmanuel’s CCC journey has been constructed to help him expand his musical abilities to include different genres of Latin American music, as well as Baroque music and improvisation. His program includes:

  • Intensive Afro-Cuban music course with Roberto Fonseca and Harold Lopéz Nussa, in Cuba [read more]
  • Intensive Tango performance course with Julián Peralta, in Argentina
  • Intensive Baroque performance course with Andrew Lawrence-King, in the UK
  • Performance tour in the Netherlands [see video]

Follow along with Emmanuel’s adventures here, and come hear the end result of his explorations at the Dutch Harp Festival in 2018!