Session 1: The harp and movement

How do the strings of the harp move you? And when the strings start moving, what happens to your body? In this session the sound of the harp transforms to dance, movement and play! Harpist Romy Wymer and creator Emma Rekers lead the way in this experiment. Will you join them? And when you get the hang of it, join the next session as well!

This session is suitable for all kids from 6 to 96 and over!

Session 2: The harp and you and us

What will you be able to do when the harp plays by itself, when itโ€™s the soloist? What will the strings do and how can you use your voice and body as an instrument?
This session is all about making a musical piece. We sing, we create rhythms, lyrics and harmony. Will the harp still be able to follow us? Or will we follow the harp?
Together with harpist Romy Wymer and creator Emma Rekers we will experience creating music.

This session is suitable for all kids from 6 to 96 and over!

Kinder tickets!
We’re offering special tickets for kids (6-15 years) to join the Dutch Harp Festivalโ€™s kids line-up on Sunday, May 8th. Parents and guardians can also join with this ticket. This means youโ€™ll need a ticket per kid and per parent/guardian. Of course you can stay after the kids program has finished, to enjoy the rest of the festival.

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