Liminale has comissioned three brand new works for this program. The first piece ‘Murmura’ is written by Mexican composer Juan Felipe Waller. Murmura means gossip, or murmuring. In six poetic movements, this piece forms an ode to our hearing. Originally written to be performed in the dark, this composition explores the smallest nuances and biggest contrasts of listening.

The second piece “Who is Speaking” is composed by Argentian composer Claudio Baroni. A subtle and sensorial world of voice, whisperings and colour. A voice sounds, and is complemented by the harps. In the ‘offline’ version of this piece, a tactile installation is part of the experience.

The last piece is written by Morris Kliphuis. Morris has combined an almost percussive composition for two harps with the freedom of dancer Miri Lee, The result is a very precise exploration of movement and sound.