Like every year the festival will open with a spectacular concert which not only shows all facets of the harp, but also includes highlights of the festival line-up and special guests. This year’s main guest is Ukrainian star Maryna Krut. The singer and player of the bandura, the Ukrainian harp, will be flying over from Kyiv especially for Dutch Harp Festival to play her music and tell her story. The opening also includes performances by the finalists of the World Harp Competition, Myron Hamming, Marije Nie, Sekou Dioubate, Remy van Kesteren himself en Goldmyth, who will also be playing the festival the following day. Expect folk, rock, classical music, pop, fado, inciting Paraguayan traditional music, Chinese Konghou and of course the harp.

Full line-up:
Maryna Krut, bandura
Héloïse Carlean-Jones, harp
Juanjo Carbálan quartet
Sekou Dioubate, kora
Kety Fusco, delta harp
Myron Hamming, spoken word
Remy van Kesteren, harp
Nathania Ko group, konghoust
Marije Nie, tap dance
Julie Rokseth, folk harp
Maria sa Silva, fado harp
Valentine Blangé, violin
Niels Brouwer, guitar
Cem Karayalçin, guitar