Discover XKTdra, a musical duo breaking free from traditional chamber music boundaries. Featuring a
classical harp and a cutting-edge electronic harp prototype, this duo stands out for its innovative
approach and its immersion in the present.

The first harp, unamplified, offers a classical score that is far removed from conventional harp styles.
It shines with sophisticated, technical, and inspired compositions, unveiling an unexpected auditory

Concurrently, the electronic harp transcends musical conventions. It thrives beyond limits, excelling
and finding its true resonance. Fueled by a unique electro-harp/MIDI/OSC system, it explores a sonic
spectrum from delicate clarity to awe-inspiring clusters, seamlessly merging harp tradition with the
modernity of contemporary synthesizers.

XKTdra goes beyond mere auditory reception, crafting an immersive musical odyssey. Within a
surround sound environment, compositions come to life in 360°, harmoniously blending the acoustic
harp’s tones with dynamic and captivating sonic landscapes. The audience is no longer spectators
facing an untouchable stage; surrounded by speakers, they are immersed in the very essence of the

Celebrating intimacy and the unexpected, XKTdra performs in more personal spaces. Its distinctive
and unique concentric layout establishes a direct connection between musicians, the audience, and
the sonic environment.

Ultimately, XKTdra propels the harp into the present by reinterpreting the past, creating an
innovative fusion where the contemporary reclaims its roots. Without disavowing its cultural
heritage and favoring.

Céline Mata: Classical Harp
Christophe Saunière: MIDI/OSC Harp Prototype
Vincent Michel: Composition, Computer Programming, Sound Design