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World Harp Competition

Introducing the Candidates

Following the preselection round – held in November 2021 – 20 candidates were admitted to the 2022 DHF World Harp Competition. Their performances in the next round will be broadcast online in February 2022.

Ciorstaidh Beaton, Scotland
Marcel Cara, France
Héloïse Carlean-Jones, France
Juan Corbalán, Paraguay
Cara Dawson, Germany
Katherine Harrison, Scotland
Nathania Ko, Canada
Dai-An Liu, Taiwan
Sandra Macher, Austria
Rosanna Moore, UK/USA
Eléonore Niubo, France
Pippa Reid-Foster, Scotland
Haley Rhodeside, USA
Rafaelle Rinaudo, France
Sophie Rocks, Scotland
Julie Rokseth, Norway
Maria Sá Silva, Portugal
Stef Van Vynckt, Belgium
Tara Viscardi, Ireland
Hope Wilk, USA/Canada

Preselection Jury


Dutch harpist and creator Remy van Kesteren is artistic director of the Dutch Harp Festival.

Maya Fridman

Russian cellist Maya Fridman is an internationally renowned performing artist based in the Netherlands.

Emmanuel Padilla Holguín

Mexican harpist Emmanuel Padilla Holguín was the winner of the 2016 competition and recently helped found the Latin American Harp Association.

First Prize in 2021 Awarded to Uno Vesje of Norway!

Following a rigorous application round, candidates representing every corner of the world were invited to pitch their original program ideas to the Scouting Jury at the Regional Rounds of the competition, in February 2020. From an original pool of twenty-eight candidates, five finalists were then selected to perform at the Dutch Harp Festival, on May 15th and 16th, 2021. We’re pleased to announce that the winners of the 2020-2021 DHF World Harp Competition are:

First Prize | Uno Alexander Vesje, Norway

Uno Alexander Vesje is a Norwegian harpist and composer. His original composition Our Planet, Our Future is a six movement solo piece for acoustic pedal harp and electronic elements designed to call attention to the environmental crisis. [Read more]

Second Prize & Audience Award | Romy Wymer, Netherlands

Romy Wymer is a Glasgow-based lever harp player and composer originally from the Netherlands. Her program Lore is a lever harp performance about connection and belonging. [Read more]

Third Prize | Grace Roepke, USA

Grace Roepke is currently pursuing her master’s degree in harp performance at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Her program State of Mind explores the communication of emotions and psychological experiences through the harp. [Read more]

Fourth Prize | Tara Minton, Australia

Tara Minton is an Australian born harpist, vocalist and composer. Her program If It’s Magic is a love letter to jazz, touring and the beautiful musician’s life she’s been missing these past 12 months. [Read more]

The jury

Jury members of the DHF World Harp Competition are invited for their musical eminence, technical expertise, and diverse perspectives. In 2020, the scouting jury traveled to Utrecht and New York City (and listened remotely in Hong Kong) to hear candidates pitch their programs in the Regional Rounds. The competition finals were then postponed by one year and held during the 2021 online edition of the Dutch Harp Festival. Despite the unique circumstances of this year’s competition, the adjudication continues to be held to top-class standards of fairness and transparency. This year’s jury members are:

Competition Jury
Ties Mellema, Netherlands [Chairman]
Stephan Fitzpatrick, UK
Corrina Hewat, UK
Gavriël Lipkind, Israel
Caroline Lizotte, Canada
Claron McFadden, USA
Jeroen van Vliet, Netherlands

Scouting Jury
Nikolaz Cadoret, France
Guy van Hulst, Netherlands
Ann Yeung, USA


First Prize | €5.000 and the personally tailored CCC (Care, Coaching & Career) Development Program

Second Prize | €2.500

Third Prize | €1.500

Audience Award | €1.500 and a complimentary subscription to Harp Column magazine

The Competition

Over three rounds, candidates of the World Harp Competition compete to win the hearts of the jury and ultimately the grand prize. The competition began with a recorded Preliminary Round, followed by the live Regional Rounds, and culminating in the Finals at the Dutch Harp Festival. During the Regional Rounds, the Scouting Jury travels from Utrecht to Hong Kong and New York to hear creative program pitches from the world’s most promising young harpists. A select number of candidates are then invited to present their complete original programs at the Dutch Harp Festival. Watch our video coverage of the 2018 Regional Rounds to see how the World Harp Competition is making a bold break from tradition.

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Past Winners


1st Prize | Uno Alexander Vesje, Norway
2nd Prize | Romy Wymer, The Netherlands
3rd Prize | Grace Roepke, USA
4th Prize | Tara Minton, Australia
Audience award | Romy Wymer, The Netherlands

Competition Jury | Ties Mellema [Chair], Stephan Fitzpatrick, Corrina Hewat, Gavriël Lipkind, Caroline Lizotte, Claron McFadden, Jeroen van Vliet

Scouting Jury | Nikolaz Cadoret, Guy van Hulst, Ann Yeung


1st Prize | César Secundino, Mexico
2nd Prize | Alice Belugou, France/Switzerland
3rd Prize | Aimee Hang Yu Lam, Hong Kong
Audience award | César Secundino, Mexico

Jury | Neil Wallace [Chair], Amandine Carbuccia, Edmar Castañeda, Niladri Kumar, Harold Lopez-Nussa, Dominic Seldis, Erika Waardenburg

Scouting Jury | Remy van Kesteren, Maeve Gilchrist, Robert Paterson


1st Prize | Emmanuel Padilla Holguín, Mexico
2nd Prize | Giulia Ott, Switzerland
3rd Prize | Jean-Baptiste Haye, France
Audience award | Emmanuel Padilla Holguín, Mexico

Jury | Biëlla Luttmer [Chair], Pieter Alferink, Bernadeta Astari, Peter van der Heyden, Skaila Kanga, Miriam Overlach, Anna Verkholantseva


1st Prize | Juliana Myslov, UK
2nd Prize | Markus Thalheimer, Germany
3rd Prize | Shiho Minami, Japan
Audience award | Juliana Myslov, UK

Jury | Guido van Oorschot [Chair], Nino Gvetadze, Ramon Lormans, Sivan Magen, Isabelle Moretti, Gwyneth Wentink, Mikhail Zemtsov


1st Prize | Amandine Carbuccia, France
2nd Prize | Sarah Verrue, Belgium
3rd Prize | Ruth Bennett, UK/USA
Audience award | Amandine Carbuccia, France
Festival Classique Originality Award | Anna Steinkochler, Austria

Jury | Bart van Oort [Chair], Sandrine Chatron, Henny Diemer, Igor Roma, Anton Sie, Naoko Yoshino, Mikhail Zemtsov


1st Prize | Noël Wan, USA
2nd Prize | Rino Kageyama, Japan
3rd Prize | Eleanor Turner, UK
Audience award | Noël Wan, USA

Jury | Bart van Oort [Chair], Ken Hakii, Eeva Koskinen, Anne-Marie O’Farrell, Sivan Magen, Carlos Micháns, Gwyneth Wentink, Edward Witsenburg, Jaap Zwart

2018 Winners

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