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Night of a 1000 Strings?

Night of a 1000 Strings is this edition's theme for the Dutch Harp Festival. The day program will be similar to last editions and from the evening on, we'll reinvent ourselves and create a whole new experience. In beautifully decorated venues, transformed by visuals, projections and light installations, we present genre bending musicians and artists on the verge of their breakthroughs.

There will be a mix of ambient, pop, jazz, folk, classical and everything in between. Special collaborations, sound installations, there is plenty for you to discover. For the ultimate experience, consider staying overnight and participate in a guided ceremony full of strings.

When will the festival take place?

The upcoming edition takes place on Saturday April 20, 2024, live in TivoliVredenburg.

What will the festival day look like?

Basically you can divide the festival day into 3 parts:

1. Day
The doors will open around 12:30 AM. During the day there will be workshops, a festival market, the World Harp Competition and the first concerts of the day.

2. Evening
Around 06:00 PM the 'Night of the 1000 Strings' will be opened with an opening concert. In this part of the day, between 06:00 and 11:00 PM, most concerts will take place.

3. Night
After 11:00 PM, we'll dive into the night with our night program which will go on until 07:00 AM with a in guided ceremony full of strings. Want to know more about the night program? Fill in your details here and we'll send you all info.

What artists will be performing at the festival?

We'll announce our full line-up soon.

Can I store my belongings in a cloakroom or locker?

Each venue has its own guarded cloakroom, upon arrival we will let you know which cloakroom you can use. In addition to this free cloakroom, you can also rent a locker for โ‚ฌ2 or a large locker for โ‚ฌ4.

How do I get to TivoliVredenburg?

TivoliVredenburg is located next to the central train station, in the city centre of Utrecht. Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport are just 30 minutes by train; Rotterdam and The Hague only 45 minutes. There are daily international trains from and to Brussels (2 hours), Cologne (2,5 hours) and Paris (3,5 hours). For more info, go to www.ns.nl or www.nshighspeed.nl (international).

Which hotel should I stay at?

We can recommend the BUNK hotel. It's a design budget hotel, nearby TivoliVredenburg.