Ticket 'Night Of A 1000 Strings' — Night of a 1000 Strings // Dutch Harp Festival 2024


Ticket ‘Night Of A 1000 Strings’




Dive into the wonder of Night of a 1000 Strings.

Get your tickets for Saturday, April 20, 2024, when TivoliVredenburg Utrecht will transform into a world where a symphony of strings will surround you. In beautifully decorated venues, transformed by visuals, projections and light installations, we present genre bending musicians and artists on the verge of their breakthroughs.

There will be a mix of ambient, pop, jazz, folk, classical and everything in between. Special collaborations, sound installations, there is plenty for you to discover. For the ultimate experience, consider staying overnight and participate in a guided ceremony full of strings.

But that’s not all – get hands-on with instrument workshops and have dinner at our festival restaurant! Release your inner wanderlust at Night of a 1000 Strings. You’re invited.

For kids up to 18 years old, we offer a friendly priced kids ticket (€20).